Carpet & Fabric Protection in Reno NV

Carpet cleaner Reno is the best way to keep your fabrics and upholstery looking clean. We offer a protective treatment that will help repel spills, block stains, resist soiling. With just water most fresh spills can be cleaned easily! When you want to make sure your home or office looks its absolute best give us call today for all of our great offers on fabric protector treatments!

Carpet and fabric protection can be a great option for Reno NV homeowners. In order to invest in a carpet that will last you for years, there are many things you should do from the day it is installed. One of these important tasks includes vacuuming your home daily which can protect and prolong your carpet’s life with regular care.

Top 4 Benefits of Carpet & Fabric Protection Service

Fabric protection is suitable for domestic and commercial carpet, upholstery, rugs and other fibers. This includes nylon, polypropylene and wool carpets as well as various fabrics such a silk or velvet. Some popular areas where fabric protection is most used include homes (especially those with pets), offices (where chairs are exposed to wear from the frequent use by employees) hotels , nursing centers – any space that has furniture in high traffic areas-, restaurants- particularly ones frequented primarily by children who may be drawn into using their hands on both tables/chairs then food.), clubs cinemas conference centers car seats now many more . In terms of suitability these products usually work best when applied to water cleanable materials but it would not hurt to always

Benefit One

Helps protect against both oil and water based stains

Benefit Two

Helps carpet fibers resist soiling

Benefit Three

Helps spills blot up before they become stains

Benefit Four

Helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaned longer


Why wait for your carpets to get dirty when you can have them cleaned and protected right now? The very best time to do this is after the carpet has been professionally cleaned. If it’s not clean, a full protection service may be needed or alternatively, a top up application of protectant on high traffic areas could suffice.


You know when you spill something on your clothes and it doesn’t leave a stain? It’s because of fabric protector. Fabric protectors do two (2) basic things – they increase the surface tension, so spills have difficulty penetrating the fiber; and apply a coating mechanism that penetrates deep into fibers to create strong bonds for long-lasting protection. The strength of bonding varies depending on product quality, but careful application ensures complete coverage against stains or liquid damage in any situation!


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